Jefferson & Regina: What makes you think I won’t kill you after everything you’ve done?”


i care more about the speed of my internet than the direction of my life

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i stare at boys so much how do they not notice

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nobody said it was easy
oh, it’s a shame for us to part

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A lion does not feel guilty when it kills a gazelle. Right? You do not feel guilty when you squash a fly. And I think that means something. I just think that really means something.

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pros to buying a pizza: pizza

cons to buying a pizza: buying

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Anonymous: "Hi! Do you remember where that Sebastian Stan interview is from?"
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The Dark Knight + colours

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i’m not saying bucky should spend most of cap 3 crying and kissing steve, but i am saying they’d be smart to play to sebastian stan’s strengths

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"You’re calling him back"

The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)
Derek Cianfrance